Kathy P.

My husband and I did a lot of research for a solar installation company. We wanted a local company who could offer quality products, good service, and a reasonable price. After comparing 6 quotes, we decided to go with Nabu because they offered the best value. We worked with Harsh, who was very communicative and helpful throughout the process. He was knowledgeable and friendly, even offering to visit our property when we expressed concern about the cramped space around the main electrical panel. He confirmed that his team could work with the space confines and also checked what kind of roof tiles we had (concrete). In terms of speed of installation, Nabu moved far more quickly than we anticipated! After we signed the contract on Jan 21st, our solar system was installed within 2 weeks (work happened between Feb 2nd-5th). City approval happened 1 week later (on Feb 12th), and PGE permission-to-operate came on Feb 22nd.

We were very pleased to see the solar system up and running so quickly. However, after 1.5 days of working well, the system suddenly stopped producing. I contacted Harsh and his team members and they responded right away. By the end of the day, they had figured out it was an inverter malfunction. They contacted the inverter manufacturer and arranged for a replacement to be shipped out. About a week later, after Nabu received the replacement inverter, they sent out a technician to do the repair and get our system up and running again. Our system has been functioning well ever since.

Overall, I am very glad we chose to go with Nabu Energy for our solar installation. In addition to the excellent value, they have proven to be responsive, communicative, and helpful.

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