Mallik K.

My electric usage wasn’t huge, so going solar means ONLY if it makes sense in terms of ROI. For that reason, I was picky in terms of who I should go with for solar installation. I did get a LOT of quotes from various vendors. I did that for a couple of reasons 1) I didn’t know anything about solar, so I had to talk to people to understand the offering, and 2) I wasn’t convinced of the value they would provide.

I decided to give Nabu a chance, and Harsh did reach out to me very late in the night to work around my schedule. We had a healthy discussion, and Harsh patiently explained everything and gave me the options available. I was surprised and skeptical initially, as Nabu’s quote was cheaper by 2-3k than the most affordable quote I got elsewhere. On top of that, I would get the higher watt solaria panels compared to 330 W Panasonic. Newer panels?, cheaper quote?, responsive? Patient? Yes, to all the previous questions, I had no reason not to go with Nabu.

Installation was pretty fast, and the system was UP and running in no time. Followups after installation are an added advantage.

We ran into an issue during the installation process, and I didn’t even know that there was an issue, post-install inspection from their crew revealed some problems that they have fixed within a reasonable time.

I would definitely recommend going with Nabu!

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